Key Account Management shouldn't have to be difficult. We created a comprehensive offering with three affordable options to more fully leverage your investments in Salesforce and Prolifiq CRUSH.


$225/hour ($9,000)

Unused Time Expires in 12 Months
Time deducted in ¼-hour increments

  • pricing-check-01 akaCRM - ProlifiqPro™ Assigned Support Advisor
  • pricing-check-01 akaCRM - ProlifiqPro™ Prolifiq CRUSH Support
  • pricing-check-01 akaCRM - ProlifiqPro™ Salesforce Support
  • pricing-check-01 akaCRM - ProlifiqPro™ Account Plan Configuration


$210/hour ($16,800)

Unused Time Expires in 12 Months
Time deducted in ¼-hour increments

  • pricing-check-01 akaCRM - ProlifiqPro™ Assigned Support Advisor
  • pricing-check-01 akaCRM - ProlifiqPro™ Prolifiq CRUSH Support
  • pricing-check-01 akaCRM - ProlifiqPro™ Salesforce Support
  • pricing-check-01 akaCRM - ProlifiqPro™ Account Planning Workshop
  • pricing-check-01 akaCRM - ProlifiqPro™ WeightedScoring™ Included (1 Year)
  • pricing-check-01 akaCRM - ProlifiqPro™ Centro/Sales Cloud for Slack Support


$200/hour ($24,000)

Unused Time Expires in 12 Months
Time deducted in ¼-hour increments

  • pricing-check-01 akaCRM - ProlifiqPro™ Assigned Support Advisor
  • pricing-check-01 akaCRM - ProlifiqPro™ Prolifiq CRUSH Support
  • pricing-check-01 akaCRM - ProlifiqPro™ Salesforce Support
  • pricing-check-01 akaCRM - ProlifiqPro™ Account Planning Workshop
  • pricing-check-01 akaCRM - ProlifiqPro™ WeightedScoring™ Included (2 Years)
  • pricing-check-01 akaCRM - ProlifiqPro™ Centro/Sales Cloud for Slack Support

Account Planning
is Important

Prolifiq CRUSH

Salesforce + Prolifiq is a powerful combination which includes many features and capabilities. You may find it challenging to have the time and knowledge to do it all.

akaCRM created the ProlifiqPro™ to solve this problem. You get the benefit of Salesforce and Prolifiq CRUSH experts in one easy to manage offering.

See the Prolifiq CRUSH highlights.

What's Included with the ProlifiqPro

  • Prolifiq CRUSH Install:

    Install of Prolifiq CRUSH or Relationship Map managed package, configuration of Prolifiq settings, configuration of Key Account Plan, Cross-Sell Maps, Amount Types, Data Types and Relationship Types

  • CRUSH Automation:

    Automation of account plan creation, key stakeholders additions to Relationship Map, key account categorization 

  • Key Account Planning Workshop:

    Workshop to create key account management strategy and process including category definitions and action plans (80 and 120 hour packages only)

  • Data Services:

    Help to get your data organized including to support key account planning utilizing the built-in import, mass transfer and mass delete wizards, Apex Data Loader,, Jitterbit data loader

  • Analytics Support:

    Creation, modification and management of custom views, reports,  dashboards and analytic snapshots

  • Salesforce Clouds:

    Sales Cloud™, Service Cloud™, Pardot™, Experience Cloud™, Education Data Architecture (EDA), Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), Financial Services Cloud (FSC)

  • Feature Licenses:

    Field Service Lightning, Knowledge, Lightning Dialer, Salesforce Inbox, Sales Cloud Einstein, Service Cloud Einstein, Salesforce Engage, Tableau CRM (f/n/a Einstein Analytics) 

  • Conga Services:

    Composer®, Grid, CollaborateSM, Sign, Conga Contracts for Salesforce (CSF), Conga Contracts (off-platform), and Orchestrate.

  • Third-Party Apps:

    When utilized in conjunction with Salesforce, the following third-party apps are supported: Apsona, Causeview Advancement, DemandTools by Validity, DocuSign Electronic Signature, FormAssembly, Formstack, HelloSign, Mogli SMS, OnceHub (ScheduleOnce), OwnBackup, People Import; RingLead Suite, SMS Magic, Spanning Backup, Roll-up Helper, TaskRay.

  • User Interface Support:

    Lightning Experience and Classic

  • User Maintenance:

    Adding, modifying, de-activating, password resets, role management, profile management, permission sets, public groups, queues

  • Security Model:

    Record sharing, accessibility settings, password & session settings, delegated administration, backup, multi-factor authentication

  • Configuration:

    Creation or modification of Standard and Custom objects, record types, fields, workflows, process builder processes, approval processes, page layouts, custom links, buttons, actions, report types, apps, tabs, labels, validation rules, assignment rules, auto-response rules

  • Development Support:

    Triggers, Visualforce, Flows, Sites, Lighting Components

  • Template Support:

    Creation or modification of Lightning or Classic email templates

  • Mobile Support:
    Salesforce Mobile App and Salesforce Inbox
  • AppExchange Package Support:

    Installation or removal of AppExchange packages

  • Digital Engagement:

    Einstein Bots, Chat, Messaging

  • Training:
    System Administrator and End-User Training
  • Slack Integration:

    Support for installation/configuration of Centro or Slack for Sales included with 80 and 120 hour packages. Centro and Slack licenses sold separately.

  • Other:

    Other support services as requested by client and agreed to in writing by akaCRM

Additional Terms

  • Live Support Hours: 8am - 5pm (M-F, excluding holidays); Email Support Logging and Case Logging (24 x 7 x 365)
  • No-show appointments or work sessions cancelled with less than 4 hours notice will deduct the greater of 1 hour or 50% of the cancelled scheduled appointment time from the available support plan balance.
  • ProlifiqPro™ services are governed by our Professional Services Agreement for packaged services.

Want to learn more about Prolifiq CRUSH? Find it on the AppExchange.

Get it on the AppExchange

Excluded Services

The following items are excluded under ProlifiqPro™, but ARE available from akaCRM under ongoing support, Agile Support™ or project-based agreements. If you have needs that fall under these exclusions, contact us so that we may have a qualified representative provide you a quote.

  • New implementations of Salesforce
  • Consolidations of Salesforce instances (org consolidations)
  • Commerce Cloud, CPQ,®, High Velocity Sales, Marketing Cloud™, Health Cloud, Revenue Cloud, Salesforce Anywhere (f/n/a Quip), Salesforce Maps
  • Student Success Hub, Admissions Connect, Gift Entry Manager, Elevate
  • AppExchange consulting or packaging
  • 3rd party tools not specifically included or agreed in writing
  • System integration, single-sign-on and application development
  • Legacy solutions: partner portals, Salesforce-to-Salesforce
  • Projects requiring a project manager or requesting project plans
  • Developer training
  • Advisory Services outside of Account Planning
  • Services or features not supported by your edition of Salesforce®
  • Features not in general release (pilot or beta features) 
  • Services not included on the What's Included list
  • After-hours or on-site support 
  • Select Your AdvisorPro Package


    Pick a ProlifiqPro™ package based on your needs. Packages remain available to you for a full year.

  • Meet Your Consultant


    After you complete your ProlifiqPro™ purchase, we will reach out to introduce your assigned akaCRM consultant hand selected with your success in mind.

    Our consultants are Salesforce® certified with the skills and knowledge to guide your success!

  • Relax and Succeed with Salesforce and Prolifiq


    You and your consultant identify your priorities and business needs. Request help via phone, email or your consultant's calendar link.

    Get started now: 

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