Pardot PowerStart

Designed for Salesforce Sales Cloud®, Service Cloud®, EDA and NPSP customers with a new Pardot™ subscription, the Pardot PowerStart™ will cover the initial set-up and basic training to get you quickly on your way.

Pardot PowerStart

COST:  $7,900

Pardot PowerStart™ includes: 

Discovery / Assessment of Your Marketing Operations

  • We will perform a discovery session via web conference to understand your marketing needs.
  • We will provide a discovery questionnaire in advance of discovery to accelerate results.
  • Once discovery is complete, akaCRM will deliver a written implementation plan.
  • We will use the implementation plan to perform the following additional services as specified in the plan:

Pardot Service Configuration

  • Technical set-up (for web tracking, eMail authentication, and vanity domain)*
  • Modify existing Salesforce configuration (Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Campaigns)
  • Modify page layouts for above mentioned Salesforce objects
  • Install Pardot application in your Salesforce deployment including custom buttons
  • Install and configure your Salesforce Connector along with up to 2 additional Pardot Connected Apps 
  • Create Pardot users, assign roles, enable Salesforce single sign-on
  • Create and map custom up to 5 Pardot Prospect fields and map to Salesforce

*May require the involvement of your IT organization.

Marketing Configuration

  • Configure Folders and devise naming conventions for marketing components
  • Configure 3 key Lists
  • Configure 1 Preference Center Page or Unsubscribe Page
  • Configure 5 key Automation Rules (use for Grading or otherwise)
  • Configure 2 key Forms
  • Configure 1 Scheduled email
  • Configure 1 Engagement Studio Program (client to provide content; max 6 steps)


  • Admin Training - 1 hour training session via web conference focused on Pardot Admin 
  • Marketing Training - 2 hour training session via web conference
  • If you request, we will record the training sessions and provide you with access 

Pardot Scope Call

Excluded Services

Services not specifically identified above; features not standard in the Pardot Growth edition (including custom objects, and business units); data cleansing, data loading or data transformation services; custom development of triggers, visualforce pages, sites and flows; Pardot form handlers and custom style sheets; support for Person Accounts; scoring categories, custom scoring and grading; Salesforce Engage set-up/configuration; selective prospect sync (PowerStart assumes that all records in Salesforce will sync); B2B Marketing Analytics configuration.

Additional support services packages can be purchased separately for data administration, CRM configuration, development support, additional training and ongoing Pardot support as well as the excluded services above.

Additional Terms

  • The implementation price does not include the Salesforce or Pardot license fees.
  • The implementation is based on features of Pardot and Salesforce which are generally available.
  • These services are governed by our Professional Services Agreement for PowerStarts™.

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