Nonprofit PowerStart

Designed for Nonprofits that need a cost-effective implementation of the Nonprofit Success Pack, the Nonprofit PowerStart™ covers the initial set-up and basic training to get you quickly on your way.

Nonprofit PowerStart

The Nonprofit PowerStart™ is the foundation for any Salesforce Nonprofit CRM implementation and covers the required basics. It is a solid approach to getting started. During training we highlight additional self-guided resources to allow you to continue your journey. Clients desiring additional enhancements can purchase support under our AdvisorPro™ offering.

COST:  $5,000 (reflects Nonprofit discount)

Included PowerStart Features:

  • Discovery session (2 hours) 
  • Custom App with Organization Branding
  • User Setup (up to 10 users)
  • Customization of Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) - Core Settings, General Allocation Units (GAUs), Account Model, Hard/Soft Credits for individuals, Household Naming, Opportunity Naming, Fiscal Year Settings
  • Security Model Setup (1 custom profile, 2 roles and single organization-wide data sharing model)
  • Object Configuration: Organizations (Accounts), Contacts, Opportunities (gifts/donations, in-kind giving, grants received) and GAUs
  • Data Import of Organizations and Contacts (up to 50,000 records)
  • Branded Email gift acknowledgement for total dollar amount and date given (manual or automated) + additional automation and email template
  • Einstein Activity Capture (automated email capture for Office 365 or G-Suite)
  • Analytics (creation of 2 custom reports + 1 hour report building orientation; Clients starting from the trial of the NPSP receive out of the box starter dashboards and additional reports)
  • Configuration Review Session (walk through of configuration)
  • Training (up to 4 hours of Administrator Training + up to 2 hours of train-the-trainer training + Training Guide Covering Core Features) IMPACT Partner

akaCRM: The Go-To Partner for Your Nonprofit Needs

  • Official Premium Partner
  • Experience from hundreds of Nonprofit engagements
  • Recognized by Salesforce as a Certified Nonprofit Navigator and Lightning Master
  • akaCRM team includes Salesforce certified Nonprofit Cloud Consultants
  • Represented on the Partner Advisory Board
  • Leading ecosystem partner relationships include Causeview, Conga, iWave, Supermums and WealthEngine



  • Donor & Constituent management 
  • Record gifts/donations, in-kind gifts, grants received
  • Automated gift email acknowledgement
  • Activity Management (call logs, follow-up activities, notes)
  • Automated Email capture (Einstein Activity Capture)
  • Native Reporting & Analytics
  • Completed within two to three weeks of discovery

Pre-Requisites & Assumptions:

  • For new Salesforce deployments of the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)
  • Client to complete pre-discovery session questionnaire
  • Data to be imported must be furnished in an akaCRM-provided template
  • The price offered is discounted by over 40% from commercial rates and is available only to 501(c)3 organizations and organization agrees to complete a survey issued by Salesforce and success story at the completion of the project in exchange for the discounted price.

Excluded Services

Services not specifically identified above, including but not limited to, data cleanup and de-duplication, customizable roll-ups, giving society configuration, engagement plan templates, import of historical donations, pledge management, custom sharing rules, setup/configuration of objects not mentioned above, account and partial soft credits, memberships, custom code, chatter customization, communities, campaigns, grant making, marketing automation, paper gift receipts, online giving and system integration.

If you'd like to implement any of the excluded services, need additional support or features, or don't meet the prerequisites above, we can still help! Contact us to get a custom quote.


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