Health Verification Essentials

Designed for organizations that needs to record employee vaccination data or test results, Health Verification Essentials covers initial set-up and basic training to get you quickly on your way.

HR Service Center: Employee Health Verifications

Capturing vaccination data and test requests can be a challenging task. For most organizations, compliantly capturing proof of vaccination or regular testing results can be a time-consuming, manual process that challenges HR and IT organizations.

akaCRM created the Health Verification Essentials™ to solve this problem. You get the benefit of Salesforce certified experts to help guide your success.

Employee Health Verifications Demo Video

Included Features:

  • Configuration for up to 20 Internal Users with Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Configuration of HR Service Center Employee Health Verifications functionality
  • Community to allow 1 category of users (Employees, etc.) login, upload proof of vaccination, testing results or waiver
  • Up to 2 Static Information Components in community
  • Standard flow to capture Proof of Vaccination, Test Result or Exemption
  • Manual inspection/verification process for uploaded documents
  • Internal user training (view records, verify records, run reports)
  • Standard dashboard with real time results
  • Import of initial employee list
  • Target completion within 3 weeks of discovery

Essentials™ Benefits:

  • Supports any number of employees
  • Internal User Training Included
  • Compliantly capture proof of vaccination or test results 


  • Client has Salesforce licenses provisioned prior to discovery
  • Client to complete pre-discovery questionnaire
  • Client understands this is a new, stand-alone instance of Salesforce based on the HR Service Center Employee Health Verifications architecture

Additional Terms

  • The implementation price does not include Salesforce license fees.
  • Based on Salesforce features which are generally available.
  • Implementation and training conducted virtually by Web conference.
  • Services are governed by our Professional Services Agreement for PowerStarts™.
  • Share Your Needs


    Schedule a no-obligation call to discuss your organization's specific challenges.

  • Choose a Path


    Following your call, your akaCRM Consultant will provide recommended paths forward. You select the option which best suits your needs.

  • Relax and Succeed with Salesforce and Conga


    We hand-pick an engagement manager with the skills and knowledge to guide your path forward to success!

Excluded Services

The following items are excluded under the Essentials™ offering, but ARE available from akaCRM when quoted separately. If you have needs that fall under these exclusions, contact us so that we may have a qualified representative provide you a quote.

  • Support of existing instance of Salesforce
  • System integration, single-sign-on and application development
  • 3rd party tools not specifically included or agreed in writing
  • Services or features not supported by your edition of Salesforce®
  • Features not in general release (pilot or beta features) 
  • Services not shown on the Included Features list
  • Items identified as popular add-ons
  • After-hours or on-site support 

If you want any of the excluded services, need additional support or features or don't meet the prerequisites above, we can still helpContact us to get a custom quote.

Other Popular Add-Ons

  • Integration with HRIS, ERP or other Enterprise Systems 
  • Outbreak and other features of (Encounters, Contract Tracing, Life Events, Wellness & Other Surveys)
  • Marketing Automation (Pardot, Marketing Cloud)
  • One Stop Help Desk
  • Salesforce System Administrator or Employee Training
  • Modification of Employee Health Verification Flow
  • Modifications to Standard Health Verification Dashboard
  • Digital Engagement (SMS/Chat/Bots)
  • MyTrailhead
  • Tableau CRM Analytics

Why akaCRM?

  • Top-Tier Salesforce Partner
  • Salesforce® Certified Consultants
  • Health Cloud Accredited
  • Health Cloud Level I Navigator
  • Over 3,000 Completed Salesforce Engagements
  • Outstanding customer satisfaction scores
  • Included ShareViewer™ - Free for akaCRM Clients
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