Essentials packages for Salesforce® Admissions Connect cover initial set-up and training for some of the most popular features designed to get community colleges and open-enrollment programs quickly on their way.


8-10 Week Typical Implementation

STARTER Features:

  • pricing-check-01 akaCRM - Enrollment Essentials™ Discovery + Education Data Architecture (EDA)
  • pricing-check-01 akaCRM - Enrollment Essentials™ Student Applicant Community w/Self Registration
  • pricing-check-01 akaCRM - Enrollment Essentials™ Install/Configure Admissions Connect
  • pricing-check-01 akaCRM - Enrollment Essentials™ 1 Application w/Education History + 4 uploads
  • pricing-check-01 akaCRM - Enrollment Essentials™ 1 Application Checklist Type w/Scrolling Experience
  • pricing-check-01 akaCRM - Enrollment Essentials™ Manual application assignment for auditing
  • pricing-check-01 akaCRM - Enrollment Essentials™ Standard Recruiting Dashboard 
  • pricing-check-01 akaCRM - Enrollment Essentials™ Pardot Core Installation 
  • pricing-check-01 akaCRM - Enrollment Essentials™ Mogli SMS Texting
  • pricing-check-01 akaCRM - Enrollment Essentials™ ShareViewer™ (included from akaCRM)
  • pricing-check-01 akaCRM - Enrollment Essentials™ Train-the-Trainer Training


10-14 Week Typical Implementation

Everything in STARTER, plus

  • pricing-check-01 akaCRM - Enrollment Essentials™ Enhanced Community (Knowledge + Static Pages)
  • pricing-check-01 akaCRM - Enrollment Essentials™ Admissions ChatBot 
  • pricing-check-01 akaCRM - Enrollment Essentials™ Selective Enrollment Review Process (single role)
  • pricing-check-01 akaCRM - Enrollment Essentials™ Up to Four Applications
  • pricing-check-01 akaCRM - Enrollment Essentials™ Up to Four (4) Application Checklist Types
  • pricing-check-01 akaCRM - Enrollment Essentials™ Automated Application Assignments (Basic)
  • pricing-check-01 akaCRM - Enrollment Essentials™ Custom Dynamic Dashboard
  • pricing-check-01 akaCRM - Enrollment Essentials™ Pardot PowerStart™ + Additional Training
  • pricing-check-01 akaCRM - Enrollment Essentials™ Assign Reviews to Queue or Individuals
  • pricing-check-01 akaCRM - Enrollment Essentials™ Training (Admin + Form Builder + Report Building)

Creating Engaging Student Experiences Can Be Overwhelming

Salesforce Education Data Architecture (EDA) and Admissions Connect include many technologies and options. You may find it challenging to have the time and knowledge to do it all.

akaCRM Essentials packages to the rescue! You get the benefit of our experienced Salesforce certified experts across a host of technologies (Education Cloud, Experience Cloud, Service Cloud, Pardot/Marketing Cloud and more) when you engage with akaCRM.

Watch the 2-minute video to learn about Admissions Connect from Salesforce

Why akaCRM

  • Top-Tier Salesforce.org PREMIUM Partner
  • Salesforce® Certified Education Cloud Consultants
  • Education Cloud Level II Specialist
  • Over 3,000 Completed Salesforce Engagements
  • Over 100 College & University Clients
  • Outstanding customer satisfaction scores
  • RIVA Scheduling Partner
  • Salesforce.org Partner Advisory Board Member
  • Education Data Architecture (EDA) expertise
  • Included ShareViewer™ - Free for akaCRM Clients
  • Student Success Hub - Early Access Partner
  • Admissions Connect - Early Access Partner

Other Popular Add-Ons

Let your akaCRM Client Manager know if you have questions about the following popular add-ons or any other service not listed so we may provide a proper quote.

  • Student Information System (SIS) Integration 
  • Student Success Hub for Advising/Student Success
  • Advancement including online giving
  • Application Fees/Online Payments
  • Chat/Custom Bots
  • Data Services - Extract, Transform, and Loading (ETL)
  • Event Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Marketing Cloud™
  • Scheduling
  • Single Sign-On
  • Traning Enhancements (FormBuilder, Community, etc.)
  • Go Live Help Desk
  • Post Implementation Support Plan
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