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Salesforce® - PowerStart™

You only get one chance to make a first impression with your team. akaCRM's PowerStart™ package for Sales Cloud is a professionally deployed Salesforce® starter implementation of basics and best-practices. Our process includes basic discovery, configuration, data loading, administrator skills and end-user training which is designed for organizations with basic sales management needs. 


Max Users: Up to 20
3 weeks (est. time)
Editions Support: Professional & Enterprise
Guided Tactical Discovery (up to 4 hours)
Config Review (up to 1.5 hours)
Org Security, User and Role Setup
Custom Profiles (2)*
Organization-wide Sharing Settings
Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Activities
(Up to 10 custom fields and 1 page layout per object)
Leads / Accounts / Contacts
End User (3 hours) / System Admin (4 hours)
Custom Reports (4) / Custom Views (12)
Best Practice Roll-up Dashboard (1 design)
Best Practice Contributor Dashboard (1 design)
Chatter, Email Templates (2), Custom Logo
Installation of Best Practice Automation*


Add-On Option** Cost Includes
Outlook/Email Integration  $780 Strategy discussion, set-up of 1 outlook configuration; training for admin on installation; 1 user install/test.
Lead Automation $1,560 Discovery, 1 Lead assignment rule with up to 10 rule entries; 1 web-to-lead form (client responsible for hosting HTML code provided by akaCRM and any custom form styles or validation rules); configuration of campaigns; training for admin on rule management.
Case Automation $1,560 Discovery; up to 10 custom fields; 1 support process and support settings configured; email-to-case OR web-to-case, up to 10 assignment rule entries, 1 escalation rule, 1 auto-response rule; admin review on rules and settings.
Products & Pricebooks $1,560 Discovery; load 1 file of Products; set up 1 pricebook; add up to 10 custom fields on Products/Opportunity Products; admin training on adding configured Products to Opportunities.
Quotes $1,560 Discovery; configure 1 quote template; up to 10 custom fields; tested.
On-Site Day Rate $2,500 Day rate for any portion of a day up to 8 hours; client pays travel expenses.

 *Applicable only to Enterprise Edition implementations.
**You will be able to select any desired add-on options at check out.


  • After completing your purchase, a Salesforce-certified engagement manager will be assigned to manage your project.
  • PowerStart™ projects (including training) are delivered virtually via akaCRM-provided Web conferencing which allows you to get implemented faster and eliminates all travel-related expenses and wasted time.
  • A single unified process will be configured for leads and opportunities.
  • Included dashboards and workflow are based on akaCRM provided best-practice standards. 
  • Data to be loaded shall be provided in a CSV file format of not more than 50,000 records per object.


  • Provide a single point of contact to coordinate with akaCRM provided engagement manager.
  • Acquire license of and provide a dedicated licenses for akaCRM's use during the implementation.
  • Respond on a timely basis to requests for information (akaCRM will provide templates for requested information).
  • Encourage staff to take the free on-line training course modules provided by Salesforce which are recommended by akaCRM.
  • Client is responsible for any data clean-up prior to submitting files for loading.


Lead Automation, Case Management, Products & Pricebooks, Quote Management, Outlook/Email Integration are excluded from the core PowerStart™ offerings but may be purchased as add-ons at checkout. Other features specifically excluded from the PowerStart™ offering include Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, iOT Cloud, Pardot,, Integration/Custom Development with APEX, Visualforce, Sites, Pages, Triggers, Outbound Messages or Static Resources, Record Types, Person Accounts, Multi-Currency, Multi-Language, Order Management, Quota, Forecasting, Custom Sharing Rules, Team Selling, Permission Sets, Knowledge, Solutions, support for client-provided hardware, data extraction, data de-duplication; AppExchange consulting and application development; Wave analytics, customer portal, single-sign-on, partner portals or S2S; Process Builder Processes, Approval Processes, Flows and other services NOT specifically included on the In-Scope Services for PowerStart™ or otherwise accepted by akaCRM. If you have needs that fall under this Excluded Services list, you may purchase an add-on or any of our support packages or contact us so that we may have a qualified individual give you a call and provide you with a custom quote.

Not applicable for Education Data Architecture (EDA), Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) or Service Cloud. 


  • Limited to new deployments of Salesforce Sales Cloud® Professional or Enterprise Edition (licenses purchased in last 90 days unless otherwise approved by akaCRM).
  • Features of the PowerStart™ package will only be configured if available in your edition of Salesforce.
  • The PowerStart™ is governed by our PowerStart professional services agreement. By purchasing this service offering, Client agrees to the terms of which are contained therein. Once purchased, no refunds shall be provided if the project is cancelled by Client. 

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