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  • Pardot - PowerStart™


Designed for Salesforce Sales Cloud® customers with a brand new Pardot™ subscription, the Pardot PowerStart™ will cover the initial set-up and basic training to get you quickly on your way.

COST:  $7,900

Quick-Start services include: 


  • In order to put you in a position to be successful with your integrated system - we will perform a discovery session via web conference.
  • We will provide discovery questionnaires in advance of these sessions.
  • Once discovery is competed, akaCRM will deliver a written implementation plan.
  • We will use the implementation plan to perform the following additional services as specified in the plan:


  • Technical set-up (support for your implementation of web tracking, eMail authentication, and vanity domain)*
  • Modify existing Salesforce configuration (Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Opportunities)
  • Modify page layouts for above mentioned Salesforce objects
  • Install Pardot application in your Salesforce Sales Cloud® deployment including custom buttons
  • Install and configure your Salesforce Connector along with up to 2 additional Pardot Connectors 
  • Create Pardot users, assign roles, enable single sign-on
  • Create and map custom up to 5 Pardot Prospect fields and map to Salesforce

*May require the involvement of your IT organization.


  • Configure Folders and devise naming conventions for marketing components
  • Configure 3 key Lists
  • Configure 1 Preference Center Page or Unsubscribe Page
  • Configure up to 5 Grading Attributes in single Profile
  • Configure 5 key Automation Rules (use for Grading or otherwise)
  • Configure 2 key Forms
  • Configure 1 Scheduled email
  • Configure 1 Engagement Studio Program (client to provide content; max 6 steps)


  • Train-the-Trainer - 1 hour training session via web conference focused on your Sales users
  • Marketing Training - 2 hour training session via web conference
  • If you request, we will record the training sessions and provide you with access 


  • This service does not include data cleansing, data loading or transformation services.
  • Services not specifically identified above are not included in this quick-start service.
  • Custom development of triggers, visualforce pages, Sites and Flows.
  • Pardot form handlers and custom style sheets
  • Support for Person Accounts (requires development support).
  • Scoring categories
  • Functionality available with the Ultimate Edition (including Custom Objects)
  • Additional support services packages can be purchased separately for data administration, CRM configuration, development support, additional training and ongoing Pardot support.


  • The implementation price does not include the Salesforce or Pardot license fees.
  • The implementation is based on features of Pardot and Salesforce which are generally available.
  • These services are governed by our professional services agreement for packaged services.


Questions?  Contact us to learn how we can begin to improve your results.




Pardot - PowerStart™

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