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WeightedScoring™ is a managed package for Salesforce that gives organizations the ability to create a weighted score or balanced scorecard for standard and custom object records.


  • Score or grade Leads, Cases, Contacts, Opportunities and other standard and custom object records.
  • Scores can be based on populated data (data completeness), missing data, matched data, blank data.
  • Add multiple scoring components to a record if needed (based on record type or other need).
  • Background job calculates and stores weighted scores for reporting purposes.
  • View on Lightning community pages
  • Lightning ready.
  • Pricing: $699/organization/year (unlimited users in the same org)

Click Get it Now on the AppExchange to install a free 30-day trial. After you have installed your trial, you may purchase your license on the AppExchange at any time at a cost of $699/organization/year.

Score Leads

  • Good email populated
  • Industry
  • Website populated
  • Days since last contact
  • Degree of Interest
  • Pardot Score
  • Einstein Lead Score
Lead Score

Account Quality

  • Are key fields populated
  • Do we have address
  • Do we have other Contact information
  • Is the website populated
  • Do we know what technologies are used
Account Quality

Score Opportunities

  • Einstein Opportunity Score
  • Next Action Date
  • Stale Opportunity
  • Competition
  • # of Times Extended
  • How Long in Pipeline
  • How Long in Stage
Opportunities-17d119ae akaCRM - WeightedScoring™

Score RFPs

  • Calculate "go/no-go" decisions
  • Adequate time to respond
  • Strategic advantages
  • What is known or not known
RPFs-9a6f4350 akaCRM - WeightedScoring™

Score Cases

  • Case Duration
  • Service Level Compliance
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Customer Tier
  • Case is Escalated
Case Satisfaction

Anticipate Customer Satisfaction

  • Projected Closed Date
  • Days since last contact
  • Any open tickets
  • Budget Status
  • At risk status
  • Customer satisfaction survey

Score Partners

  • Partner Tiers
  • # of referrals
  • Markets Covered
  • Populated key values
  • # of projects completed
  • $ spend
Partner Value Score

Score Campaign Requests/Events

  • Do we have enought time
  • Have we done it before
  • ROI on prior attempts
  • Cost per lead
  • Partner Alignment
Marketing_Requests-544db89f akaCRM - WeightedScoring™

Score Campaign Results

  • Engagement score
  • Click through rate
  • Open rates
  • Cost per lead
  • ROI
Campaign Score

Score Student Candidates

  • Program of interest
  • Location
  • GPA
  • Test Scores (SAT/ACT/GRE, etc)
  • Special Interests
  • Financing needed
Student_Canidates-d05bf3a3 akaCRM - WeightedScoring™

Identify At-Risk Students

  • Stuent Status
  • Financial deliquencies
  • GPA
  • Core Grades
  • Attendance
  • Days since last advising session
Identify_At_Risk_Students-c24560ca akaCRM - WeightedScoring™

Score Alumni Engagement

  • Validated email
  • Industry
  • Employer known
  • Donor/Sponsorships
  • Potential jobs partner
  • Interaction rate

Score Volunteer Engagement

  • # of times volunteered
  • # of hours donated
  • # of skills
  • LTM donations
  • # of referrals

Tier Donors

  • Giving Tier
  • # of gifts
  • Days since the last gift
  • Lifetime giving
  • Largest Gift

System Requirements

  • You must have an active Salesforce® account of Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Platform or Developer edition.
  • Salesforce® Essentials Edition is NOT supported.

After you have purchased your license, we will convert your trial to an active license. License includes UNLIMITED users for one production Salesforce instance as well as unlimited sandboxes. You may cancel your subscription at anytime; however amounts already paid are non-refundable.


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