Pre-Built and Custom Applications

We built some useful applications and components for ourselves and thought we'd share them with you. We call this suite of apps our PowerApps™. Have an enhancement you would like to make to one of these applications or something different you would like us to build for you? Let us know.

Available on the AppExchange



HarvestSync™ for Salesforce® effortlessly integrates time entry data from the Harvest time and expense tracking web-based application with your Salesforce CRM application.



WeightedScoring™ is a managed package for Salesforce that gives organizations the ability to create a weighted score or balanced scorecard for standard and custom object records. 



ShareViewer™ is a Lightning component that can be place on most standard and custom objects that provides visibility to who can view or edit a record (and why). While the native Salesforce Share action provides the same information, it cannot be easily shown on a Lighting page.

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