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Comprehensive advisory, implementation and managed support services for Salesforce®, Conga® and leading ecosystem application providers.

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      Schedule a no-obligation call to discuss your organization's specific challenges.

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      Following your call, your akaCRM Consultant will provide recommended paths forward. You select the option which best suits your needs.

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      We hand-pick an engagement manager with the skills and knowledge to guide your path forward to success!

    Guiding Your Success in Healthcare & Life Sciences


    Generate leads and create brand awareness through targeted communication and customer journeys. Review metrics and insights to optimize the impact of your marketing campaigns.


    Drive commercial excellence and empower sales teams by centralizing data, standardizing processes and automating tasks. Remove the barriers of siloed systems and inefficient processes.


    Save time and money by streamlining distribution, inventory tracking and RMAs of medical devices through accessibility and automation

    Provider Support

    Cultivate and increase provider brand loyalty through excellent contact center support and engagement opportunities.

    Patient Support

    Engage the patient in a personalized journey, specific to their health condition, and provide top notch service to improve patient outcomes.

    Healthcare Solutions


    akaCRM is an Equality PartnerThe akaCRM team is proud to be Equality Partner. Driving diversity, equality, and inclusion in our world and ecosystem is essential to the work we do.

    While we realize there is still so much to do here,  we are proud to team with partners, like Salesforce, who are committed to doing this work alongside us.

    akaCRM is committed to have an active plan in place to drive diversity and continually educate ourselves.

    Supporting your Salesforce and Conga success.

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