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How to Pass the Salesforce Admin Exam

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While there are numerous paid training courses available, we believe that most people can pass this exam with the proper preparation. We have many consultants at akaCRM that passed the exam on their first attempt and did it all via self study so here are some tips that we hope can help get you ready for the test.

Selecting System Administrators

We often speak of the critical success factors in a Salesforce or Conga deployment. These include: (i) Senior Sponsorship, (ii) Communication Planning, (iii) Design & Understanding of the Purpose of the Project, (iv) Qualified Configuration, (v) Training for end-users, managers and administrators, and (vi) Post-Implementation Support. The last item, Post-Implementation Support, is often overlooked or considered ancillary in nature. If you did every step perfectly but fail to provide an adequate support plan for your...

Supporting your Salesforce and Conga success.

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