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Salesforce Display Density

Since the Salesforce application was first released in 2000, users have been helpless to make use of white space on the various Salesforce screens. When the Lightning Experience was released, the Home Page became far more useful and configurable; however, detail screens still showed labels above text. As Salesforce customers added more fields and pages started to growth in length, the amount of whitespace on the screen and vertical scrolling because more of an issue. The following example of the Contact record for William...

Salesforce Feature: Custom Einstein Email Insights

Currently, if you have enable this feature in the Activity Timeline, there are out-of-the-box insights including "Pricing Discussed", "Executive Involved", and "Scheduling Requested". Salesforce now gives you up to ten custom Email Insights.

Sales Cloud vs. Service Cloud

Having the right information in front of the right person at the right time is critical in providing customer support. Customers expect to have most of their questions answered instantly and increasingly get frustrated if an answer is not available within minutes. Being able to provide this information to your customers in real time used to be a hallmark of superior customer service, but now is expected as standard customer service.

How to Pass the Salesforce Admin Exam

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While there are numerous paid training courses available, we believe that most people can pass this exam with the proper preparation. We have many consultants at akaCRM that passed the exam on their first attempt and did it all via self study so here are some tips that we hope can help get you ready for the test.

Preparing for Your Scope Call

How Much will it cost? How long will it take?For turn-key implementation or integration projects, we get asked these questions every day. Because your needs are unique to your organization, the functionality, effort and cost of your project will be unique as well. To help you answer the cost and time questions, we will offer to hold a phone call we call the "Scope Call" at no cost to you, so we can better understand the project and get enough information to provide you good answers.

Selecting System Administrators

We often speak of the critical success factors in a Salesforce or Conga deployment. These include: (i) Senior Sponsorship, (ii) Communication Planning, (iii) Design & Understanding of the Purpose of the Project, (iv) Qualified Configuration, (v) Training for end-users, managers and administrators, and (vi) Post-Implementation Support. The last item, Post-Implementation Support, is often overlooked or considered ancillary in nature. If you did every step perfectly but fail to provide an adequate support plan for your...

Have You Integrated to [???] Before

Over the past two decades, we have seen Salesforce deployments with associated integrations go from less than 5% of deployments to more than 60% of deployments. Consequently, one of the most common questions that clients ask is, "Have you integrated to [fill in your system] before?" It's a great question and who wouldn't want to hire a firm that had proven experience integrating a specific system to your CRM?

Salesforce Org Consolidation

For large national and international clients, we often find companies with multiple instances of Salesforce CRM. In Salesforce "speak" each instance is referred to as an "org" which is short for "organization". These independent orgs arise most often as a result of mergers and acquisitions where one company using Salesforce purchases another using Salesforce  In other cases, large organizations will deploy separate orgs overtime for various country, divisions, departments or business functions. This article addresses...

Integrating Quickbooks with Salesforce

If you are considering integrating your Salesforce deployment with Quickbooks, here is some food for thought. We often get asked about doing this and here are some of the questions we will ask and that you should know the answers to.

Desk.com Migration with Audit Fields

Salesforce is sunsetting the Desk.com tool, meaning many companies are faced with migrating the information from Desk.com to Salesforce. We recently completed a Desk.com migration, but did not use the Desk.com migration tool that has been supplied by the Desk.com support team. We found that the migration tool has some great features, however, it did not allow us to write back to Salesforce audit fields so that we could maintain analytic integrity. Salesforce audit fields are used to track when a record is created or last...

Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)

One of the great pleasures we have at akaCRM is working with nonprofit organizations. Salesforce has become an excellent solution for nonprofits because Salesforce.org provides a donation of ten (10) free Lightning Enterprise Edition licenses to qualified nonprofits. Did you catch that? FREE – Enterprise Edition licenses. Keep in mind, this is not a “scaled down free version” of Salesforce. This is the full scale, Enterprise edition with all the bells and whistles that large corporations get, plus several bonus features...

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