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Have You Integrated to [???] Before

Over the past two decades, we have seen Salesforce deployments with associated integrations go from less than 5% of deployments to more than 60% of deployments. Consequently, one of the most common questions that clients ask is, "Have you integrated to [fill in your system] before?" It's a great question and who wouldn't want to hire a firm that had proven experience integrating a specific system to your CRM?

Integrating Quickbooks with Salesforce

If you are considering integrating your Salesforce deployment with Quickbooks, here is some food for thought. We often get asked about doing this and here are some of the questions we will ask and that you should know the answers to.

Documenting Integration Requirements

Top 20 Questions For Thoughtful Integration Documentation More and more, our clients want to integrate Salesforce CRM or their Conga Contracts applications (their "Solution") to a database or business application. The question they almost always want to know is "how much will it cost?". To answer this question, first be prepared to present a high-level description of your integration. This could be a paragraph or a number of bullet points that summarize what the integration needs to do. However, to reasonably answer...

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