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Conga Feature: Contracts Flow

Conga Contracts Flow automates your Contract Lifecycle Management process without having to add a flow to a specific contact, company or project. By creating a Conga Contracts flow template you can choose different stages and steps in the flow that will appear on the profile underneath the chevron bar which lets everyone know what step the flow is on, making it very organized. Conga Contracts Flow cuts out steps you don’t need to reduce errors, cut risk, and speed up contract cycles.

Salesforce Org Consolidation

For large national and international clients, we often find companies with multiple instances of Salesforce CRM. In Salesforce "speak" each instance is referred to as an "org" which is short for "organization". These independent orgs arise most often as a result of mergers and acquisitions where one company using Salesforce purchases another using Salesforce  In other cases, large organizations will deploy separate orgs overtime for various country, divisions, departments or business functions. This article addresses...

Desk.com Migration with Audit Fields

Salesforce is sunsetting the Desk.com tool, meaning many companies are faced with migrating the information from Desk.com to Salesforce. We recently completed a Desk.com migration, but did not use the Desk.com migration tool that has been supplied by the Desk.com support team. We found that the migration tool has some great features, however, it did not allow us to write back to Salesforce audit fields so that we could maintain analytic integrity. Salesforce audit fields are used to track when a record is created or last...

Documenting Integration Requirements

Top 20 Questions For Thoughtful Integration Documentation More and more, our clients want to integrate Salesforce CRM or their Conga Contracts applications (their "Solution") to a database or business application. The question they almost always want to know is "how much will it cost?". To answer this question, first be prepared to present a high-level description of your integration. This could be a paragraph or a number of bullet points that summarize what the integration needs to do. However, to reasonably answer...

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