The Conga Contracts Discovery Call

The Conga Contracts discovery call is a critical component in the Conga Contracts implementation process. On this call you will have the opportunity to discuss in detail where your organization is, the current pain points you are experiencing, and the benefits you wish to achieve.

Preparing for Your Discovery Call

Ask yourself the following questions, and map out detailed answers. What are you looking to improve, change or update? Get very clear about these answers. Think about your pain points, what have you tried before, what has worked well and what has not worked. How can you become more efficient? What are your main objectives? Coming into the discovery call with this clarity is critical to success. It will also allow your Engagement Manager to understand your hopes and expectations.

During the Call

You can expect to go through in detail all of the above questions and more. It is important for your Engagement Manager to understand your current picture in order to help your organization transform into the new picture you desire. Aside from your current processes, pain points, and solutions desired, you will also go through the following areas:

  • What is your current system software or contract management system?
  • Who are your current system users? Will they be the same in Conga? Once those users are identified, roles and permissions will be created ensuring the users have the ability to see only the data you wish.
  • What is your current intake process for vendors? What vendor information do you wish to capture? Do you need to approve new vendors before they are entered into your system?
  • What Contract information do you need to capture? Conga has a lot of pre-created fields for this, however the ones you need can be added as “additional” fields to your implementation.
  • What categories of data need to be tracked and reported on? Contract expirations, auto renewals, new contracts are common examples, however these are completely customizable.
  • What is your current contract process? Do you use a contract request form? Who are the key players in this process?
  • Which contracts you would like built into the system for easy access and generation?
  • Would it be beneficial to have processes automated? If so, which processes would you like to have automated? Contract approval through signature is common, however there are a number of others which can be created based on your needs.
  • Finally, which events are important to your company? What do you need to be reminded of? Based on that information event alerts will be designed and created to ensure you stay on top of deadlines.

These are many of the topics you can expect to dive into on your Discovery call. Again, coming into your call with clarity around these topics will allow the discovery call to not only be efficient and effective, but give your Engagement Manager everything they require to create a successful implementation.

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