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Salesforceorg-logo-square_200w akaCRM - Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)One of the great pleasures we have at akaCRM is working with nonprofit organizations. Salesforce has become an excellent solution for nonprofits because provides a donation of ten (10) free Lightning Enterprise Edition licenses to qualified nonprofits. Did you catch that? FREE – Enterprise Edition licenses. Keep in mind, this is not a “scaled-down free version” of Salesforce. This is the full-scale, Enterprise edition with all the bells and whistles that large corporations get, plus several bonus features that are exclusive to nonprofits when you include the Nonprofit Success Pack!

Need more than ten licenses? No problem! provides deep discounts (and we do mean deep) for additional licenses as well!

The Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) is a template of a Salesforce CRM configuration that includes numerous features that cater specifically to the nonprofit sector. This adds the flexibility to build Salesforce out to meet the needs and goals of your organization using out-of-the-box configuration without the need for heavy customization. That doesn’t mean you can’t customize it, it just means NPSP is doing a lot of the heavy lifting for you!

If you’re like most nonprofits, where cultivating, tracking, and increasing charitable gifts is an integral part of your funding, then NPSP is the perfect place to start. NPSP includes out-of-the-box options for tracking standard donations, pledges, grants, in-kind donations, recurring gifts, matching gifts, major gifts, and more! You can track where the gift is being directed using the General Accounting Unit object, track grant deliverables and even soft credits for both contacts and businesses! And, each of these items are still fully customizable, so you’re able to create and adjust fields to meet the specific needs of your organization. Included within these tools are numerous fields to help you track whether a donor has been acknowledged, what campaign or fundraising initiative prompted them to donate, whether a gift was in honor of someone, etc! 

Another key aspect of NPSP that nonprofits find extremely helpful are the out-of-the-box “Rollup Summary Fields”. It’s important to note, these fields are not part of a standard Salesforce CRM – they are a part of the NPSP package specifically (remember, those bonus features we mentioned above?). These fields allow automatic tracking of things like First Donation Date, First Donation Amount; Last Donation Date, Last Donation Amount; Total Gifts, Total Giving This Year (Last Year, 2 Years Ago), Total Soft Credits and more! All with no additional data entry work or customization! The values in these fields are automatically calculated based on the Opportunity records that have been created to track Donations. Bonus - if there are other ways in which your organization would like to track a donor’s giving, you have the option to turn on Customizable Rollups where you can create rollup fields to meet your specific needs, all while continuing to have the original ones at your disposal as well.

NPSP also allows room for customization to track program details, volunteer activity, and so much more!

Do all of these great features feel overwhelming? We've created the Nonprofit PowerStart™, a cost-effective implementation of the Nonprofit Success Pack to get you set up, trained, and quickly on your way. We understand that your internal resources may be slim, but our team has gone through all of the work so you don't have to.

Whether you have an existing Salesforce org or not, if you’re interested in how to get started with the Nonprofit Success Pack, we welcome you to connect with us for a free consultation. With our Salesforce-Certified Nonprofit Cloud consultants by your side, you will be well equipped to successfully track your donors and fundraising outcomes.

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