Migration with Audit Fields

Salesforce is sunsetting the tool, meaning many companies are faced with migrating the information from to Salesforce. Desk.comWe recently completed a migration, but did not use the migration tool that has been supplied by the support team. We found that the migration tool has some great features, however, it did not allow us to write back to Salesforce audit fields so that we could maintain analytic integrity. Salesforce audit fields are used to track when a record is created or last modified by utilizing timestamp fields, which can be edited only on record creation with additional Salesforce permissions.

For our project, we ended up receiving the files from the support team and used the Salesforce data loader to load the records manually.  It took a little longer, but now our client can run reports with the correct age, create date, closed date, etc., without having to account for custom fields to hold that information.


The System Administrator will need to configure Salesforce Cases to work as the new ticketing system, replacing the functionality.

Set up Audit Field Access upon Record Creation instructions can be found here.

We used the Salesforce data loader to upload the information. There will be data translation that is needed, for example, the user IDs have to be translated to Salesforce user IDs and transferred to the data templates. We utilized the vlookup formula to identify the correct information.


Salesforce Cases have been configured to replace the sunset functionality in the project that we completed. To run reports, end users can select cases and utilize the case create date as they would have in reports.

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