Conga Feature: Contracts Flow

Conga Contracts Flow automates your Contract Lifecycle Management process without having to add a flow to a specific contact, company or project. By creating a Conga Contracts flow template you can choose different stages and steps in the flow that will appear on the profile underneath the chevron bar which lets everyone know what step the flow is on, making it very organized. Conga Contracts Flow cuts out steps you don’t need to reduce errors, cut risk, and speed up contract cycles.

  • Feature: Conga Contracts Flow
  • When Released: 2017
  • Requires Configuration: Yes
  • Difficulty: Advanced
  • User Interface: Conga Contracts (fna Novatus)
  • Benefit: Automate your Contracts Lifecycle Management (CLM) Processes


Conga Contracts flow template has to be created before a flow can function. In the cogwheel menu on the top right hand corner of your interface you will find three options: Company flow templates, Contract flow template, and project flow templates. Choose which object: contract, company, or project that you want to build your flow on. This will bring you to a screen that has all published flows on the top and draft flows on the bottom. Select draft to continue to build a started flow or create a new template. Use the available actions to the left of the screen to build the stages of your flow (see 1). Name your stages appropriately as the flow stage names are what appear in the chevron bar that is visible to the end user. Also add a flow filter so your flow automatically starts based on certain logic conditions. Save your template and then publish it once you are ready for it to start running.

Flow Template

Flow Stage 2


Flow Stage 3



Conga Contracts flow is started automatically when a new profile is created and conditions in the flow filter are met. Also, you are able to manually start the flow from the profile page if needed. A chevron bar will appear at the top of the profile with all the stages underneath (see 1). Under the stages are the next steps in the flow (see 2). You must complete each step before the flow can move on. Each step can be assigned to a function, specific user, responsibility, or any people that are added to that profile. The user will receive an email to complete their step. You will see a checkmark next to the step on the profile under the chevron bar once it is completed (see 3).

View of Conga Contracts Flow




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