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Salesforce Feature: Custom Einstein Email Insights

  • Feature: Custom Einstein Email Insights
  • When Released: Winter '19
  • Requires Configuration: Yes
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Editions Supported: Enterprise, Performance and Unlimited Editions or with Salesforce Inbox mobile app (Professional+)
  • User Interface: Lightning Experience

Currently, if you have enable this feature in the Activity Timeline, there are out-of-the-box insights including "Pricing Discussed", "Executive Involved", and "Scheduling Requested". Salesforce now gives you up to ten custom Email Insights.

Configuration/Notes for System Administrators

To set up custom Email Insights, go to Setup > Einstein > Einstein Sales > Einstein Activity Capture > Einstein Email Insights. From this page, you can add custom email insights (only 10 can be active at a time). Please note, after you add a key word, you cannot change it, so be sure the key word is what you are after.

Einstein Email Insights


Issue/Concern: Key words might include: terrible, unhappy, disaster, upset, sucks, angry

Signing Process: Key words might include: signature, counter-sign, esignature, counter-sign


Einstein Email Insights
Example of Custom Email Insight (Signing Process)


See the detailed Release Notes page for more information.

Usage for End-Users

End users can view matching insights on the Activity Timeline.