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Bridging the Gap Between Your Email and Salesforce

In today’s world, it is not uncommon for you to want to see your email, contacts, and sales data in one place. There are several applications that bridge this gap, including Salesforce’s very own features.

Lightning for Gmail – using Salesforce’s native lightning framework, effortlessly syncs emails and contact information into Salesforce. It allows you to create new Lead, Contact and Account records on the fly as well as send file attachments into Salesforce. Emails can be related additionally to other objects such as Opportunities, Accounts, etc. You can also search for existing records in Salesforce and update those records directly from a Gmail sidebar. In addition to data management and email syncing, this feature also allows you to sync your calendar to Salesforce using the lightning sync component, as well as create tasks and view your Salesforce notifications.

Lightning for Outlook – Similar to its Gmail counterpart, this feature is also a native Salesforce tool that allow you to sync emails and attachments as well as your calendar from Outlook. You can manage your data in a comparable fashion to the Gmail tool, creating and editing Salesforce records from Outlook.

Cirrus Insight – A paid third-party application that allows you to create and update records, log calls, and sync emails and attachments to Salesforce from your email client. You can also sync your calendar to allow for full visibility into all of your events. Cirrus also allows you to monitor campaign activity for your personal email campaigns.

Groove – This tool allows you to create lead, account, and contact records from your Gmail. Similar to Salesforce’s Lightning tools, you can sync emails and attachments as well as sync events from your calendar.