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HarvestSync™ Connector

Harvest time tracking

Intended for companies and professional services organizations that track time entry related data for internal or clients projects, the HarvestSync connector from akaCRM effortlessly integrates time entry data from the Harvest time and expense tracking web-based application with

Features of HarvestSync™

  • Time Card Integration: Automatically bring in all of your Harvest time entry data into each hour.
  • Archive/unarchive projects in Harvest by clicking a button from Salesforce.
  • Use Salesforce generated or pre-existing project IDs.
  • Includes initial set-up via web conference if requested.
  • Utilize robust reporting and analytics to understand your projects.
  • Pricing: $750/company/year (unlimited users in the same org)

Features of Harvest™

  • Time & expense tracking (only Time is tracked with HarvestSync)
  • Harvest iPhone ApplicationUpload expense receipts
  • Timesheet approvals
  • Support for PC + Mac operating systems
  • Enter time from any modern browser - both PC + Mac
  • Free time tracking widget for PC + Mac
  • Free time iPhone/Android mobile applications
  • Multi-currency invoicing
  • Basecamp integration
  • integration
  • Excel/CSV exports
  • Quickbooks exports
  • SSL security
  • For a description of the complete features of Harvest, to create a free account or get pricing, visit the Harvest website.

System Requirements

  • You must have an active Salesforce® account of Enterprise, Unlimited, Platform or Developer edition (start free salesforce trial).
  • Salesforce® Professional Edition is supported ONLY if the API feature + Profiles & Page Layouts is enabled by Salesforce.
  • You must have an active HarvestApp account (get free trial). 


Legacy Harvest2Salesforce™ beta Users

  • The beta version (Harvest2Salesforce v1.17) without automated sync was sunset on 6/30/2016 and no further support or upgrades is provided. This beta package cannot be upgraded and must be uninstalled first before installing HarvestSync™. We encourage all customers to install the upgradable HarvestSync Connector from the Get it Now button above. You will begin with a 60-day free trial.