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HarvestSync™ for Salesforce®

Harvest time tracking

Intended for companies and professional services organizations that track time entry related data for internal or clients projects, HarvestSync™ for Salesforce® effortlessly integrates time entry data from the Harvest time and expense tracking web-based application with your Salesforce CRM application.

Features of HarvestSync™

  • Time Card Integration: Automatically bring in all of your Harvest time entry data into each hour.
  • Archive/unarchive projects in Harvest by clicking a button from Salesforce.
  • Use Salesforce generated or pre-existing project IDs.
  • Includes initial set-up via web conference if requested.
  • Utilize robust reporting and analytics to understand your projects.
  • Pricing: $750/company/year (unlimited users in the same org)

Features of Harvest™

  • Time & expense tracking (only Time is tracked with HarvestSync)
  • Harvest iPhone ApplicationUpload expense receipts
  • Timesheet approvals
  • Support for PC + Mac operating systems
  • Enter time from any modern browser - both PC + Mac
  • Free time tracking widget for PC + Mac
  • Free time iPhone/Android mobile applications
  • Multi-currency invoicing
  • Basecamp integration
  • integration
  • Excel/CSV exports
  • Quickbooks exports
  • SSL security
  • For a description of the complete features of Harvest, to create a free account or get pricing, visit the Harvest website.

System Requirements

  • You must have an active Salesforce® account of Enterprise, Unlimited, Platform or Developer edition (start free salesforce trial).
  • Salesforce® Professional Edition is supported ONLY if the API feature + Profiles & Page Layouts is enabled by Salesforce.
  • You must have an active HarvestApp account (get free trial). 


Legacy Harvest2Salesforce™ beta Users

  • The beta version (Harvest2Salesforce v1.17) without automated sync was sunset on 6/30/2016 and no further support or upgrades is provided. This beta package cannot be upgraded and must be uninstalled first before installing HarvestSync™. We encourage all customers to install the upgradable HarvestSync Connector from the Get it Now button above. You will begin with a 60-day free trial.