Event Management Solutions for Salesforce

Does your organization host events, need to take on-line sign-ups, or want to publish your events on your website? Have a look at the akaCRM Event Management Solutions for Salesforce vendor comparison. This review includes pricing, ecommerce features, and other key features of 3rd party Event Management tool add-ons for Salesforce.

When we are asked about recommendations for Event Management solutions, we first like to determine if we are talking about a Basic or Advanced event management need. The following table identifies some of the key features and attempts to group them into basic and advanced categories, but getting the specifics are important. For example, with Check-In Management, hosting a check-in table with tickets, a report or name lookup might be considered basic. Having QR codes or an onsite self-service check-in kiosk might be considered advanced. Irrespective of how you categorize these features in your organization, the key is to have a good understanding of your organization's specific needs.

Basic/Simple Features Advanced/Complex Features
  • Single-Day Events
  • Free/Paid Events
  • Simple Budgets
  • Basic Ticketing
  • Check-In Management
  • Waitlist Management
  • Reminder Notices
  • Basic Participant Communication
  • Website Embed Events
  • Multi-Day Registration
  • Multi-Session Registration
  • Shift Management
  • Family/Group Sign-Up
  • Travel Management
  • Lodging Management
  • Meal Planning
  • Virtual Event Capabilities
  • Event Manager Portal

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