Salesforce Display Density

Since the Salesforce application was first released in 2000, users have been helpless to make use of white space on the various Salesforce screens. When the Lightning Experience was released, the Home Page became far more useful and configurable; however, detail screens still showed labels above text. As Salesforce customers added more fields and pages started to growth in length, the amount of whitespace on the screen and vertical scrolling because more of an issue. The following example of the Contact record for William Whitespace shows the large amounts of whitespace to the right of each column.

  • Feature: Display Density
  • When Released: Winter '19
  • Requires Configuration: No
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • User Interface: Lightning Experience


Density: Comfy

Enter "Density" in Winter '19. Users which select the "Compact" display option instead of the historical default "Comfy" can display text labels to the left of the data, allowing for less white space and more vertical information on the screen. See same record from above shown in "Compact" mode below and gets approximately 40% more information in the same vertical space.



There is only one setting for system admins.... which is the decision on what is the DEFAULT value (Comfy or Compact) for your organization. Individual users can still select the other option and can change back and forth. To set the company default, go to Setup > User Interface > Density.

density_configuration akaCRM - Salesforce Display Density


End users can toggle between the two settings by clicking on their user icon in the top right of the Salesforce browser screen and selecting the desired Display Density option.

Display Density User Setting


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