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Improving Quality and Reliability of your Salesforce® Deployment

There are dozens of items that all organizations should be doing on a regular basis to ensure the quality and dependability of their Salesforce® deployments. This course reviews the routines utilized by successful system administrators and provides an overview of knowledge critical to a healthy Salesforce® deployment.

Who Should Take This Course

Individuals who: 

  • Serve in the role of System Administrator for their organization's Salesforce deployment.
  • Sales or marketing operations or individuals responsible for data quality.


  • $125 per participant 

Key Topics Covered

This 1-hour instructor-led training course includes live instruction and demonstrations on best practices and routines that will enhance the quality of your CRM deployment. The curriculum includes:

  • Defining the System Administrator Job Description and Role
  • The Checklist: Activities to Make Routine
  • Data De-Duplication Strategies: Introduction to Duplicate Prevention, Elimination & Tools
  • Email Marketing Overview: Basic Education
  • What To Know About System Integration
  • Useful Add-On Applications
  • BONUS: Configuration Ideas to Leverage Your Existing Investment

By the end of the session, participants will understand what they should be doing proactively (and how to keep track of these items) to ensure a successful deployment. Participants will also expand their knowledge of issues associated to duplication management, email marketing and system integration.

Benefits & Features

  • Participants receive our System Administrator Best Practice Checklist (via email following the course).
  • Virtual Program - Immediate results without travel or out of the office time. Meet your instructor live through our Web conference platform.
  • Small classes - We encourage Q&A during and the end of each topic.
  • Live interactive instructor-led sessions - This is not a recording or webinar.
  • Substitution allowed.  You may substitute any person from your organization if you are unable to attend. 
  • FREE retake privileges. The participant may retake the course one time for free within 6 months of your original class date.
  • This program is taught by Certified Administrators.

What is Not Covered

The curriculum for this course covers the materials listed above and does not cover basic or advanced system administrator training. If you are a beginning system administrator, we recommend you consider System Administrator Basics (ADM-101) prior to this course. If you are looking for training on other topics, please contact us to arrange for private training or review our other public course curriculums as these topics are not part of the curriculum for System Administrator Best Practices.