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Workload™ gives organizations the ability to balance team member capacity with organizational needs. 

Example Uses for Workload:

  • Who needs more work
  • Who is just right
  • Who needs help
  • Who is on vacation
  • What skills are in demand or needed to be hired

Benefits & Features of the Workload

  • 100% native managed package for Salesforce®.
  • Workload identifies users needing more work, less work, just right or unavailable.
  • Follows Salesforce security and sharing model for advanced sharing.
  • Salesforce License Editions Supported: Group, Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Performance,, and Developer (sorry - this will NOT work with Chatter-Free licenses).
  • Salesforce Classic Only - See Release Notes for progress on Lightning Experience Support
  • Site License: one monthly fee covers all your supported users.  
  • Free for non-profits.  Click Get It Now to install your 30-day trial and then log a case (Finance Request) with your 501(c)3 designation letter and your Org ID and we will activate your license for free.