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Round Robin Lead Engine™

For companies wanting to evenly distribute leads to a single group of lead qualifiers or inside sales team through a "round-robin" allocation process. Fully-native application and user interface to easily manage load allocations.

Features of the Round Robin Lead Engine™

  • Lead Rotation Console: Easily turn on and off who can receive leads at the click of a button. If a rep is sick or on vacation, turn them off with a click so that your leads aren't ignored.
  • Daily Cap Option: If you have new reps or reps with less skill, you can limit the number of daily leads received on a rep-by-rep basis.
  • Lead Source Options:  Engine can process leads received from web-to-lead and other web forms, spreadsheets imported or leads manually entered.
  • Native Application:  100% native managed package; no servers or outside plug-ins or services required.
  • Salesforce® editions Supported: Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer (sorry - this will NOT work with Group, Professional, or Chatter licenses)
  • Cost $29.95/month/company (no contract - cancel anytime).

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