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akaCRM has invested more than a decade working with web-based solution providers in the ecosystem. In doing so, we learned what makes a good web-based solution, which solutions are easy to work with and which vendors provide outstanding support. We are proud to endorse the listed companies which we call our partners.

Salesforce is the enterprise cloud computing company. The company's portfolio of Salesforce CRM applications, has revolutionized the ways that companies collaborate and communicate with their customers across sales, marketing and service.
Salesforce Foundation
The Salesforce Foundation provides support to Non Profit Organizations and institutions of Higher Education through its 1-1-1 model where it leverages 1% of the's product, equity and time to improve communities around the world.
Cirrus Insight specializes in making apps that integrate Salesforce with your email inbox. Cirrus Insight supports Gmail, Office 365, iPhone, iPad and Android.

Cirrus Files provides the storage and organizational power of Google Drive within Salesforce® & Salesforce1™.
Conga is the leading developer of software-as-a-service solutions that complement through the generation of complex documents, spreadsheets and associated process automation.
CRMfusion develops software that assists thousands of worldwide organizations with duplicate record prevention and management.
Implisit puts an end to manual CRM data entry, by automatically analyzing and updating customer communications into Salesforce.
Linvio products and custom solutions extend the capabilities of Salesforce enabling customers to build specialized content management, event management, e-commerce, online training, and a variety of other innovative applications using the Salesforce platform.
OwnBackup is a daily backup and recovery solution that provides the modern cloud enterprise with a complete set of tools to recover from any data loss.
FormAssembly allows organizations to build web-forms online that integrate to Salesforce. Examples of form you can create include applications, surveys, payment and contact forms.


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