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Find out how much it costs and how long it takes to discover your requirements, configure Salesforce CRM, pre-load your data and train your team.  Learn More...

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Work with us how you want: (i) we do it together so you can learn, (ii) we guide - you do it, or (iii) tell us what you need and we'll take care of it.  Learn more...

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Have a functionality need that Salesforce doesn't handle out-of-the-box?  We can develop it for you based on your requirements.  Learn more...

akaCRM is a Silver Cloud Alliance Partner providing comprehensive services for and the Salesforce1 cloud platform. We also offer consulting, implementation and training for select partner-based solutions.  Learn more...

Enabler™ for Salesforce

Enabler™ gives organizations and teams of all sizes the ability to organize resources and business processes in many forms including playbooks, resource manuals, reference guides and links pages.

Round Robin Lead Assignment Engine

Round Robin Lead Assignment Engine

For companies wanting to evenly distribute leads to a single group of lead qualifiers or inside sales team through a "round-robin" allocation process. Fully-native application and user interface to easily manage load allocations.

Service Cloud vs. Sales Cloud

Having the right information in front of the right person at the right time is critical in providing customer support.  Customers expect to have most of their questions answered instantly and increasingly get frustrated if an answer is not available within minutes. Being able to provide this information to your customers in real time used to be a hallmark of superior customer service, but now is expected as standard customer service. has several options available to you to ensure that you’re keeping every customer satisfied.

Favorite AppExchange Apps


Over the past 10+ years, we have had an opportunity to install, test, use (and often uninstall) countless AppExchange applications that extend and enhance the Salesforce CRM experience. We've done this in the context of our own internal instance of Salesforce as well as to support client needs. This posting lists some of our favorite AppExchange applications (click on the name to see the AppExchange listing).  Please note the cost (if any) and editions supported at the end of each review.  If you would like help or have questions on any of these, feel free to contact us.

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